FogBugz Quick Guide

Learn how to use the main features of FogBugz with these quick start videos

FogBugz is the ultimate software development tool than can be used as a support tool, issue tracker and project management system.

Learn how to use each functionality with our short and easy tutorial videos:

Basic Terms in FogBugz

Learn the basics, understand how everything works on FogBugz

Iteration Planner and Kanban Boards

Use FogBugz in an agile way, learn how to take advantage of the iteration planner as well as the kanban boards

Help Desk

Use Fogbugz as a help desk tool, support your customers using the email functionalities, learn how

Search, Filters and Notifications

FogBugz has very powerful filters and search functionalities, learn how to use it at its best


FogBugz comes with a wiki where you can collaborate and share the knowledge with your team, learn how to use it

Time Tracking

Understanding how your project is going has never been easier, follow up each task, understand how to track time through FogBugz


FogBugz comes with predefined structures, but you can also customize your workflows, learn how


Integrate FogBugz with your main tools: Github, Slack, Google Drive, Twitter and more, learn how