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FogBugz was designed to help you plan, track, and release great software.

easy-to-use software project management system

With out-of-the-box capabilities like time tracking, task management, bug and issue tracking, and email support, FogBugz adds simplicity and efficiency to your software development process. You can stick to your project management methodology, such as Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban. FogBugz is nimble; you can customize it for your own workflows.

Over 226,000 developers worldwide use FogBugz to efficiently manage software development projects.


Find all that you need for project management, in one tool

FogBugz is designed for software development teams and includes all the project management tools developers need straight out of the box.

Track projects from start to finish

You can create your tasks and subtasks for each case with required details and track them to ensure timely closure and accountability.

Log and track all your bugs and issues

You can maintain your entire project backlog in FogBugz. Your team gets notifications as the bugs move through the workflow.

Get accurate delivery estimates

FogBugz is powered by Evidence Based Scheduling (EBS). EBS is a statistical algorithm that produces ship date probability distributions based on historical timesheet data.

Get up and running in no time

FogBugz is fast and easy to use. It offers a simple configuration and optimized workflows to jumpstart small teams.

Tracks all cases in one place

FogBugz tracks bugs, issues, and feature requests as cases in one place. Every case is prioritized and assigned to one person.

Easily customize case flows

Use the workflows in FogBugz to match your team needs. Plan at the project, sprint, epic, user story, and task levels.

Easily find things using the powerful search

Search docs, wikis, articles, code, issues, bugs, and discussions in one unified view. Quickly find cases based on an array of case fields.

FogBugz is agile-first

FogBugz is designed for agile-first, focusing on a simple light-weight workflow that seamlessly integrates with your development process.

Works friction-free with your agile methodology

Continue to use the project management methodology your team follows-whether it's Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban. FogBugz supports agile project management with just enough process of its own.

Our Iteration Planner gives you visibility into your upcoming tasks. So backlog management and task prioritization is easy.

FogBugz includes all cases for a milestone in a Kanban board. You can easily drag and drop cases between different boards based on changing priorities.

Your customers can log issues by sending emails to your support mailbox. FogBugz automatically generates a case number for each customer email, sets due dates, and sends a reply to the customer.

Your development teams need the best project management and bug tracking tools


FogBugz Integrations

Integrate easily with tools like GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Twitter, and Trello



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No matter what size your team is, everyone gets the full power of all the FogBugz features.

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No matter what size your team is, everyone gets the full power of all the FogBugz features.

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Expect to budget $15/month per user. For details about available editions and discounts, see our Pricing page.

It just takes two simple steps to go live with FogBugz. Sign up for the free trial and then add your payment information.

Your data is yours. If you decide to cancel your subscription, we recommend that you first download your data. After cancellation, data associated with your account will be available to your administrator(s) in a limited function account for 90 days.

No, there’s no limit on the number of users. FogBugz User Packs let you buy 5 seats at a time. You can always add more packs to your account. There is no limit to the number of packs you add.

We offer some of the strongest encryption protocols to prevent unauthorized access to customer data. Regardless of customer configuration, customer data stored within our cloud services is protected using one or more forms of encryption. We encrypt all data using SSL at rest and in transit. Permissions-based access controls data access.

Yes, we do offer volume discounts based on the number of users you have and the contract term. To find out if you qualify for a volume discount, please contact us for a personalized price quote.